My Traefik Setup

This post, as most of my posts tend to be, is my attempt at documenting how I set something up so that future Jeff can do it again, or troubleshoot it when it inevitable breaks at some point in the, hopefully, distant future. On my various web servers, I’ve been moving more and more of my content into Docker containers to, hopefully, aid in isolation (both security and unintended interactions/interdependencies) and maintainability. [Read More]

FastAPI, React and Docker

I’ve recently been working on a fun Advent of Code project for work and using some new (to me) technologies like FastAPI and Docker for deployment. This post is a simplification of the project structure and deployment configuration I used (mostly as a reference for future me, but perhaps someone else will find it useful too). The focus is on project structure and deployment. This is not intended to be an interesting sample project for FastAPI or React. [Read More]

Monica on Docker

I recently came across a post on Mastodon about someone adopting a personal CRM (Monica CRM) as a way of keeping track of their personal relationships. This idea resonated with me. I have a really hard time remembering details of past conversations, and getting in the habit of reaching out to friends (life just plows ahead). It’s not that I don’t care… it just doesn’t stick. Monica CRM captured my interest for several reasons: [Read More]