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Jeff Clement

Product Manager/Software Developer based in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Hello, my name is Jeff Clement. I’m a Product Manager/Developer based in Calgary, AB, Canada.

I love writing code and building software in various languages. I’m obsessed with fascinated by privacy and security tech. Lately, I’ve been having fun moving more of my online life into self-hosted services. When time permits, I love to get out into the mountains where I enjoy hiking, camping, and riding unicycles.

This website is a collection of stuff on all of the above :)


Analytics via. Ackee

·3 mins
Ever since I moved away from platforms like Wordpress and Google Analytics, I’ve had limited visibility into usage of this website.

Moving my files in-house

·5 mins

Every six months or so, when the position of the moon is just right, I flip-flop on the privacy/self-hosted vs. just-let-Google-handle-it issue. Today, I’ve flopped toward privacy and self-hosting.

My Traefik Setup

·2 mins
This post, as most of my posts tend to be, is my attempt at documenting how I set something up so that future Jeff can do it again, or troubleshoot it when it inevitable breaks at some point in the, hopefully, distant future.

FastAPI, React and Docker

·7 mins
I’ve recently been working on a fun Advent of Code project for work and using some new (to me) technologies like FastAPI and Docker for deployment.

Monica on Docker

·3 mins
I recently came across a post on Mastodon about someone adopting a personal CRM (Monica CRM) as a way of keeping track of their personal relationships.