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Here are a collection of things I’ve written over the years. While occasionally useful to others, the primary purpose of writing these is for me to document/remember how I set things up.


Multi tenancy Example for Phoenix

·16 mins
This post describes my efforts and approach to multi tenancy for a couple of Elixir/Phoenix/Ecto B2B applications I’m working on.



Tunneling and Self-hosted Seafile

·7 mins

Over the past few days, I’ve been messing around with moving some of my self-hosted services off of cloud providers, and onto my home infrastructure. While my home infrastructure may not be as reliable as the cloud providers, it’s nice to know my data is in my control. I’ve always been a uncomfortable just aiming DNS at my home IP, and poking holes in the firewall. This post details a couple of methods for hosting Seafile using Tunnels to better protect my home IP and the server.

  1. Cloudflare Tunnels
  2. VPS + Tailscale

Tailscale Pi-hole Setup

·3 mins

I’ve recently started using the overlay network Tailscale to provide connectivity between my various machines, regardless of where I am. It’s extremely easy to configure and “just works”. Tailscale also includes a feature called MagicDNS that provides name resolution for machines on my tailnet (i.e. so that ping server123 magically just works). MagicDNS also allows you to override local DNS settings and force a custom DNS server for name resolution machines on your tailnet. This post documents the setup of Pi-hole (accessible only to machines on my tailnet) to provide some level of DNS privacy and Ad Blocking for machines on my tailnet.

Analytics via. Ackee

·3 mins
Ever since I moved away from platforms like Wordpress and Google Analytics, I’ve had limited visibility into usage of this website.

Moving my files in-house

·5 mins

Every six months or so, when the position of the moon is just right, I flip-flop on the privacy/self-hosted vs. just-let-Google-handle-it issue. Today, I’ve flopped toward privacy and self-hosting.


My Traefik Setup

·3 mins
This post, as most of my posts tend to be, is my attempt at documenting how I set something up so that future Jeff can do it again, or troubleshoot it when it inevitable breaks at some point in the, hopefully, distant future.

FastAPI, React and Docker

·7 mins
I’ve recently been working on a fun Advent of Code project for work and using some new (to me) technologies like FastAPI and Docker for deployment.

Monica on Docker

·3 mins
I recently came across a post on Mastodon about someone adopting a personal CRM (Monica CRM) as a way of keeping track of their personal relationships.


Golang, WebSockets & React

·5 mins

As part of my COVID friendly game project,, I’ve been working with GoLang, Create-React-App, WebSockets and NGINX (for production). Some of it has been “an adventure”.

This post is a set of quick notes about the problems I’ve encountered and how I worked by them.