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Here are a collection of things I’ve written over the years. While occasionally useful to others, the primary purpose of writing these is for me to document/remember how I set things up.


Blog with Hugo, Gitlab CD, and Caddy

·11 mins
This post is an overview on how I setup this site (built using Hugo) to be automatically deployed to my Caddy server using Gitlab’s continuous deployment.


NGINX Semi-private Site

·2 mins

We used to run a development blog for work. We wanted:

  1. To use NGINX to host this content. It was all static pages.
  2. To limit access to people within our network, or to employees while outside the network (phones, laptops, etc.).
  3. We didn’t want to deal with user accounts, active directory, etc.
  4. We wanted super low friction for users.



Kub Kar Timer

·3 mins
My boys are in Boy Scouts and the annual Kub Kar races are a fun part of the program.


Using GPG with Smart Cards

·27 mins
I use SSH daily (with SSH keys) and would like to use GPG routinely (if only people I conversed with would use it) but key management is always a problem.